About Fluffy Goodies

The Company

Fluffy Goodies is an ecommerce platform selling Blockchain,Cryptocurrency and Innovative Digital items. Fluffy Goodies makes use of eco-friendly materials for its 3D printed materials. The Team behind this project has been in the industry for several years and is based in Mauritius. Fluffy Goodies also provides items customization services for corporates around the world.

Fluffy Story

In the midst of a summer day, the inhabitants of lootverse were disturbed by a god matrix earthquake. A huge crack appeared on the lands of Satoshi and a flash of light appeared. It was a spatio-temporal breach where, in the midst of the blinding light, a fluffy divinity emerged. His first step to the lands of Satoshi created a flourishing land with flowers and fauna. He possessed the power to create various manifestations of himself. His manifestations would then be spread across the land to fulfill a specific purpose pertaining to his will. Fluffy divinity also has the superpowers to change appearances and materialize his moods with a god matrix due to his hypersensitivity. He came from the future to help the crypto investors to morph their arid lands into a prosperous one. Holding physical manifestations of Fluffy is considered auspicious in the royal lands of Fluff land.

Fluffy Divinities

Flelix had the purpose of bringing wealth and prosperity while Flerra was responsible for sustainable fauna and flora of the land.

Fyowgi is the mystic man ; infused with knowledge and inspiration.

During confusing moments, Feiffya brings about the clarity that the crypto investors need.

The divinities came to Fluff land to bring evolution and exponential growth to the inhabitants of the lootverse.

Moods & Personalities

  • Feline 
  • Excess of energy 
  • Passive Aggressive 
  • Curious
  • Lucky for those with similar traits and encourage crypto adventures 
Yellow with Stripes
  • Nocturnal 
  • Loves the moon 
  • Gives off moon energy for strenuous work.
Ash Gray
Fluffenstein /Flukenstein
  • Science fan 
  • Innovative 
  • Thinks out of the box 
  • Logical 
  • Enjoys experiments 
  • Promotes audacity and fearlessness in engaging in innovations
Orange with specs
  • Someone who enjoys navigating in the waves of lootverse
  • Enjoys adrenaline rush
  • Lucky for surfers in the lootverse
Light Blue
  • Expert in crypto 
  • Crypto Enthousiast
  • Gamer 
  • Enjoys battle-bidding 
  • Lucky for Crypto ventures and bidding
Fiery Red
  • Enjoys snow and cold seasons
  • Has a gentle personality 
  • Cosy 
  • Loyal
  • Friendly
  • Lucky for people who enjoys winter , warm drinks and family time


  • Sophisticated
  • Brings wealth and Prosperity
  • Lucky to money seekers
Black with a Gold Bow
  • Mystic fluff
  • Safeguards clean air strategies
  • Against pollution
  • Lucky to those of air signs
Light Purple
  • Safeguards fauna and flora
  • Bring prosperity to the lands and making it fertile
  • Lucky to those of earth signs
Dark Brown


  • New beginnings
  • It washes away the past and heals 
  • Bring forth passion and determination 
  • Lucky to those of water signs
Flaeyi and Luffian
  • Muse for artists and creatives
  • Provides inspirations
  • Infused with positivity
White with a dash of rainbow